Site Map Thingie
Welcome to the hunt family web site.  Here you will find all kinds of stuff, some of interest and some not.  There are thousands of photos here so a bit of navigation information might be helpful.  Here's where the links go and what is there:
frankhunt: photographerThis is a lilnk to my primary photography site which contains most of my best work.  Check out the Gallery and Projects sections/
FamilyLinks to out family stuff - dogs, cats, kids, friends, houses, stupid jokes and things like that.
HawthorneThis link goes to my daughter's memorial web page.  Nuff said.
EmilyHere you can find images and information about Emily, from the time we began the adoption process to last month.  Thousands and thousands of images.
CorvettesMy Corvette stuff - Corvettes I've owned, do own and want to own.
WeatherMy weatherstation page - we have a weatherstation located on the roof of th shed which provides the current conditions at our house.  Updated every 5 minutes.
PhotosThis is my secondary photography site - general and fun images, travel images - other stuff
New StuffThis seldom updated page has a few interesting links
LinkedInThis points at my LinkedIn profile
FacebookThis points to my facebook page
Image WindowThe right side image window scrolls through 15 images that change every 1/2 hour.
Left side linkClicking on this link will point  you at a page of resources, tools and links.